My vacation mishaps

Overall, I had a pretty good spring break trip to Florida to visit my grandmother. That being said, no vacation occurs without at least a few things that put a damper on it just a little bit. Here is a comprehensive list of my (very first world) vacation problems.

1. My aunt and uncle and their kids were also at my grandmother’s house, and as usual, they get first choice of anything. This means that we had to go to dinner wherever they want and listen to them talk about what they will get when my grandmother dies. Not to mention my dad and I had to sleep on a torture chamber that some people call a pull out couch, while they all got soft, comfy beds.

The cookies my cousin made

The cookies my cousin made

2. Everytime I went to play golf, my uncle decided to come with us. He can’t hit the ball more than 50yards and ads about 1.5 hours to all of my rounds. It sucked.

3. My cousin wants to be a chef, but she is absolutely no good at it. She made peanut butter cookies that looked like something a goat dropped and didn’t taste much better.

4. I lost a lot of nice golf balls in the water. On Florida golf courses, water seems to come out from nowhere.

5. My grandma is starting to lose her mind. She forgets everything and repeats questions over and over again.

6. On the way home, we forgot where our car was parked, and spent an hour at the Dayton airport walking in the cold searching for our car.


4 responses to “My vacation mishaps

  1. Lol. Poor Oliver. This, too, shall pass, and you’re a better man for it all. Thanks for making me laugh! (Sounds like some of my adventures!)

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