My Mom’s Food

One thing I am trying to enjoy while I’m still at home is my mom’s amazing cooking. She has the ability to take all the crap from our fridge and make it into something amazing. Just the other night, she took an onion, some olives, and some tomatoes. She then mixed them in with some chicken from the back of the freezer and voila (look at picture). It was so good, and these are the type of meals I will miss when I’m in college.

My mom's chicken

My mom’s chicken

I will miss my mom’s mac and cheese, her ham loaf, and most of all, her chicken pot pie. So I would like to say thank you mother, for all of the wonderful meals you’ve made for me over the years, as well as everything else you have done for me. I will make sure to enjoy my last months at home as much as possible.


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