Life as a pre-NCAA athlete

As a Mariemont senior who is playing a sport in college, I have to balance senior research paper, Mr. Wollford, and athletic preparations. I had to make one difficult decision already based on next year, and I am happy with my choice.

I play tennis and had to choose between spending loads of time preparing for golf, or play on the tennis team with only a little practice time. I chose to play tennis with my friends and enjoy my last quarter of high school instead of discouraging myself on the driving range all spring. tiger balls

In addition to tennis, I have many gold tournaments on the weekends. I got my new clubs a few days ago, and am currently getting used to the feel of the switch. I am also going to florida for spring break, where I will celebrate the completion of my senior research paper. I will also practice golf everyday and play in a two-day tournament.

I have golf workouts four days a week. They are difficult but rewarding because I feel so much better after a week of good workouts.

Golf is a unique college sport in that it is the only one that has official tournaments in two seasons. This means I only get the winter off, and must be on the top of my game in both the spring and fall.

I can’t wait to join DePauw’s team and can’t wait to see what I can accomplish.


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