I hate winter

Winter is pretty much the worst thing ever, and here’s why.

1. Golf is impossible. I attempt to get around it by hitting balls inside into a net and getting out on the warm days, but the course just isn’t the same. The grass can’t be cut because it won’t grow back, so it becomes long and shaggy. When it rains, the water doesn’t soak in because of the cold ground, so water sits on the course for multiple days. It is nearly impossible to start out the spring without being a little rusty.

2. Cold weather is uncomfortable. Driving to school in the morning is horrible because I have to sit in my car for five minutes in the freezing cold before I can even turn my heat on. It is HORRIBLE.

3. The cold makes my skin dry. It is impossible to keep my skin moisturized this time of year. I have naturally dry skin, and the cold wind whipping against my face dries it out.

4. It is always dark. When I wake up it is pitch black, and after school I only have about an hour before it gets

My car sits outside in the snow

My car sits outside in the snow

dark again. Sunshine always makes me feel better, so when there is very little of it I don’t feel as awesome.5. I can’t wear shorts. My favorite item of clothing is makes my legs way too cold. I wear them on the occasional warm day, but we don’t get them very often.

I can’t wait until spring when I can play golf, drive without freezing, enjoy the sun, and wear shorts everyday.


4 responses to “I hate winter

  1. Oh, O! Come on. Snow Daze possibilities…are worth the dry skin, no golf, darkness and discomfort. Nice post. But don’t rush the seasons, my friend.

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